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What to do after an accident

Some helpful tips

Accidents do happen but whatever the circumstances try to remember the following tips. These will help you to stay safe and make the situation less stressful:
  1. If your vehicle is in the way of other traffic, put your hazard lights on and safely move your car to the nearest curb or verge.
  2. Make sure everyone in the vehicle/s is alright.  If there are injuries dial 111 for ambulance assistance. Any injuries must be reported to the Police within 24 hours. If there is any dispute involved concerning the accident report this to the Police immediately by calling 111. 
  3. If there are any witnesses involved, ask for their name, phone number and any additional information you can get.For anyone directly involved with the accident, the information you want from them and they will want from you will include: 
a.   Name
b.   Address
c.   Home and work phone number
d.  Make and model of car
e.  Registration number
f.   Driver’s licence
g.  Insurance company
h.  Diagram (if possible) of accident scene
i.   Name of any Police attending
  1. Assess the damage to your vehicle. Is it safe to drive or do you need assistance? If you need a tow vehicle, we can help. Call us toll free: 0508 CAR DOCTOR (0508 227 362 867).
  2. If you can, take photographs of the damaged vehicles and the overall scene. This will be helpful to the insurance company.