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Our process

How we can help after your accident

Remember you get to choose who repairs your vehicle, not your insurer. We hope you’ll choose us to repair your car, but whoever you call, make sure they are CRA approved. This is your assurance that the people you’re dealing with are reputable, competent and reliable. 
  1. Call us immediately on 0508 CAR DOCTOR (0508 227 362) – we can also arrange to tow your car for you.
  2. Call your insurers to start the claim process.
  3. We will provide you with an estimate, same day or while you wait.
  4. We will contact the insurer for you and they will assess our estimate.
  5. Your car will be booked in and parts ordered as needed.
  6. We can provide you with a relief vehicle – many of which are late model cars.
  7. We give you the date when your car will be ready.
  8. We keep you informed about your car's progress.
  9. On the day your car is ready we will contact you with a time for pick up.
  10. When you collect your car it will be fully groomed inside and out.
  11. You pay us any insurance excess (that is the initial amount that the insurance won’t cover) and take your car!
It’s as simple and painless as that!