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Auckland City


"Our aim is always to make the customer feel as good as they can in difficult circumstances. We know that they don’t want to be here, so it’s up to us to make the experience as welcoming and pleasant as possible. So when we make promises on matters of quality, timings and costs, we keep them.
"Our philosophy is that the more the customer knows about what we are doing and why, the more relaxed they are. So we make a real effort to explain what we do in non-technical terms – including how to find their way around the insurance claim process. As part of this process, smiling and being genuinely interested in our customers makes a very big difference. Then we have to deliver on their expectations – with ‘nice’ things such as a relief car, complementary car wash and groom or polishing out other marks that may have been annoying them. Plus we have a very wide range of skills, so we can do a lot more than most collision repairers.
"Quality is vital in our business, which is why we use only the most highly qualified staff and the best new equipment, materials and technologies. Our professionalism and care is second to none.
"Being based in the city, we have a very wide range of customers. But they all have one thing in common. They want the experience to be painless and to get their car back as good as new. So about 60% of our customers have been to us before or referred to us by word of mouth or by insurance companies. For us that is a great seal of approval.
"Come down and give us a try".

Branch Manager – Tania Clarke

Hauraki Panel and Paint City
09 373 5455

35 The Strand
Auckland 1010