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“It’s all about quality and service in our business. People have a choice. Insurers have a choice. So it’s up to us to provide good advice and outstanding work.

“We always try and explain the insurance claim process and the repair work we are going to do. This way we find the customer is much happier and more relaxed. We explain our philosophy to them; that we aim to get the job done quickly and efficiently to the highest standard. And we look to keep costs down too – where second hand parts are just a good as new we can do that. It’s the skills of getting the finished job right that makes the biggest difference.  Then, when the customer wants to know when they can have their car back – it’s our policy to give a definite time and always stick to it! That does us make us different and it delights our customers.

“Behind the welcoming attitude and the first class workmanship there are quality control processes and procedures that we take very seriously – all underpinned by the Hauraki Panel & Paint mission, vision and values that are displayed at our premises. No local competitor can claim the same commitment. As a result previous customers, our local reputation and satisfied insurance companies keep us busy!”

Branch Manager - David Blaney

Hauraki Panel and Paint West
09 838 9748
25 Bruce McLaren Road
Auckland 0650